Maternity Travel Backpack

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Convenient for traveling with large capacity backpack to store baby items.


1. With USB phone charge interface.  Note that the bag comes with a USB wire that requires a power bank to charge your phone or tablets 

2. Two Hook belts to hang onto the baby stroller  

3. Large capacity

4. Made of Polyester waterproof fabric, breathable and durable 

5.  Each area separately reasonable, load items in orderly.

6. AluminIum foil thermal insulation for milk bottles pocket

7. Waterproof pocket for wet clothes 

8. Side pockets for tissue and water bottle

9. Safety backside pockets

Delivery Information

Due to Covid 19 situation, we appreciate your patience should delivery be delayed especially living in a time where anything can happen and unpredictable. 

The Fast track time frame for delivery can between 7-15 days and slow track can be around 20-40 days.  Earlier or later depending on the public health situations and custom clearance. 

Therefore, we appreciate your patience in this matter.   Part of the “The New Normal” for anything since the pandemic are delays and patience regardless of any various livelihood situations.   This includes any sort of deliveries and services.

We wish to be transparent with regards to shipping duration in advance to avoid misunderstandings.   As long as you are provided with a tracking number, your delivery shall arrive in due course, whatever the situations it may be.

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